Pricing FAQ

What happens to credits if I change my current plan?

You will get your remaining credits as extra credits and you will be signed up for your chosen plan.

Am I able to share my account with others?

We currently don't have a shared account plan. We plan to introduce multiple account plans in the future for schools and organizations with document sharing and cooperative learning.

Which pricing model do you suggest I use?

The Student Plan was estimated to satisfy the needs of most students, almost year-round. We recommend the Pro Plan for students preparing for exams and researchers.

Is Quino available on mobile?

There currently isn't a Quino mobile application. We plan to develop an accompanying application that will help people study and test their knowledge on the go.

What are credits?

Credits are the way Quino calculates AI calls based on the required processing power of each call.

How can I get more credits?

Each plan comes with a set amount of monthly credits. In order to acquire more credits, you currently have to update your plan. Soon, however, we will have a number of different options to get more credits.