Integrate private LLMs.

Use your own data as context.

Elevate your product offerings seamlessly with our ppLLM solution, ensuring unmatched privacy, cost efficiency, and continuous AI advancements tailored for companies ready to innovate.

Sync and query your own data

Quino's all inclusive technology let's you safely process, continuously sync, and chat with your own data with references to the original source.

No more hallucinations, only context-based responses.

Why use Quino’s solution?

Quino's ppLLM provides an ideal solution for safeguarding sensitive data, ensuring a secure environment and preventing any unintentional leaks to large LLM providers

What is ppLLM?

Quino's ppLLM, or Privacy-Preserving Language Model, assures the utmost confidentiality for your data. With full control in your hands, your interactions remain entirely private, putting the authority of data protection in your hands.

Cut costs and boost ROI

Seamlessly integrate LLMs into your product, enjoying both a competitive edge and reduced development time and costs with our regular updates. Ensuring data security and privacy is our utmost priority throughout the process.

Yearly saving


Spared working Days

150 days

How does it work?


Easy to set up

Experience seamless setup for your plug-and-play LLM infrastructure with our dedicated support. Beyond onboarding, we specialize in tailoring the solution to align perfectly with your specific requirements.

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Use Cases


Besides client interactions, our tools can help identify possible issues and illnesses based on the pre-defined inputs of healthcare professionals.


Our models can immediately identify discrepancies and anomalies on large sets of data with a clearly defined set of rules.

Corporate Environment

Manage and utalize your corporate data set while you onteract with it at scale, speeding up general operations & specific processes.